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Unkindness of Ravens Published !

Announcing a new novel by E.D. Degenfelder.

Unkindness of Ravens – a mystery involving an historic mansion, a family fortune, and personal betrayal.

A one hundred twenty-five year old mansion, family secrets, family friends that may not be friends…

Madeline Dean feels her life is hopeless.

She loves everything old… buildings, homes, furniture. She runs Pacific Northwest Designs in Eugene, Oregon, a business in which she restores old homes. But the business is struggling. Her estranged and highly volatile husband wants to come back and try the marriage again. She thinks these problems are insurmountable. Until her mother is brutally murdered in the family’s historic nineteenth century mansion outside Los Gatos, CA.

There’s no way to explain the murder of Madeline’s sixty-year-old mother, Eleanor Abbott. A wealthy, community minded and philanthropic business woman, she was loved by many. This loss, on the heels of the death of her father Clay Abbott only eighteen months prior, has put Madeline in a tailspin.

Suddenly she’s back in her old world, but unhappily, for it’s a world where nothing is as it was. Threats begin against Madeline’s own life and Los Gatos PD Detectives Scott Cooper and partner Isabelle Morales try to make sense out of a case that makes no sense. Is it possible that Clay Abbott’s accidental death was actually murder?

Feelings of guilt about her mother’s death consume her, Madeline struggles to deal with sorrow as well as the fear that she may be the next target. The violence escalates, and long held family secrets, simmering hatred and conspiracy combine to create a situation that threatens Madeline’s life and her legacy.

Unkindness of Ravens is available in paperback, and in e-book format for both the Kindle and Nook e-readers and apps.



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