It’s exciting to announce the release of my newest novel!

Gate 6…Murder at Black Oaks has just been released on Amazon. It is available in paperback and as an e-book on Kindle.

The intriguing story is the next installment in the series for Madeline Abbott, whom you met in my previous book, Unkindness of Ravens. Madeline now finds herself -again- in a chain of events which she cannot control. She is threatened with the loss of her inherited home, Black Oaks, and almost simultaneously she receives the disturbing news that her ex-husband has been released from jail and is missing. While she tries to cope with these problems she suddenly becomes the prime suspect in a violent murder!
A cast of characters (each with their own agenda) keep Madeline involved in a complex and often dangerous game. She doesn’t know where to turn or what to do as she struggles to help solve a murder and protect her stake in Black Oaks.
Her friends, Detectives Cooper and Morales lend a hand, but due to something completely unforeseen, things just don’t go as planned. How will Madeline survive the deadly game and will her fragile relationship with Scott Cooper survive as well?

Get Gate 6…Murder at Black Oaks by E.D. Degenfelder, here:

for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

and in Paperback from

Gate 6...Murder at Black Oaks

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