Vintage Homes and “Renovations” – Where Do You Stand?

My husband and I recently watched an episode on HGTV of Home Renovations. As a devout old house fan, I have to say, I was, well, infuriated by the program.

The show had a (very) young and inexperienced first time home buyer looking for a Spanish style home in a Los Angeles neighborhood. She had the neighborhood picked out because she wanted to remain in proximity to her mother and twin sister. She found one she liked, a smallish 1930 stucco home Continue reading Vintage Homes and “Renovations” – Where Do You Stand?

Exciting New Release from E.D. Degenfelder

E.D. Degenfelder has just released a new Novelette, Eleanor & Clay…A Story of Love and Loss.

This novelette is a prequel to my novel, Unkindness of Ravens, published in January of this year. The story tells of the love that blossomed between Eleanor Phillips and Clayton Abbott beginning in 1971. It is a story of a deep and all-encompassing love between two people that became the start of a dynasty.

Eleanor Phillips and Clay Abbott were young people with driving passions. They shared ideas about work, business, the future and each other. By pooling meager resources, they created a dynamic partnership that lasted for decades. The partnership created a family, children, wealth, philanthropy and an enduring legacy. Because of circumstances, their dynasty survived long past the love. A great love that died because of bad choices and unendurable consequences.

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