How I Choose My Subject Matter

I subscribe to a great blog called ‘OldHouseDreams’. I would say for obvious reasons! This great blog is administered by ‘Kelly’ who has an eye and a heart for old houses. She scours real estate listings across America (and other countries) for old houses that are on the market. She doesn’t select according to her own personal style preferences. I respect that. Every style, every condition, every situation are represented. Very grand to very humble. The main criteria:  that the house have redeeming architectural significance and not too much ‘remuddling’ or modernizing.

This is a blog after my own heart. I rarely (read: never) see the offerings without finding at least one old house that has captured my imagination. The interesting thing about the site is the fact that she has an enormous number of followers. What does that mean? It means that there are many, many people out there like my husband and me. Lovers of old homes–their beauty, artistry, their craftsmanship and historic significance.

Today, when I read the offerings, I was struck dumb by the cottage in England, Suffolk to be precise, that is listed for sale. Continue reading How I Choose My Subject Matter


Work progresses on my latest novel. It is still on schedule to be published between the first and the fifteenth of May. It’s exciting getting nearer completion and ideas are bubbling up for the further trouble that Madeline Abbott and friends will get into!

Creativity is a strangely complex thing. I believe that most people are creative in their own ways. Not everyone is a painter, not everyone is a writer and not everyone a musician or a glass blower. But life itself demands quite a bit of individual creativity on a daily basis. Cooking meals, creating a comfortable home, and certainly raising children. Continue reading Creativity