E.D. Degenfelder


E.D. (Evan) Degenfelder lives with her husband in western Oregon in the beautiful and bucolic Willamette valley. They live in a vintage home with their two enormous cats, Bartleby and Harvey.

Evan and her husband John have been involved for years with vintage/antique home restoration. Their love of vintage homes has led them to choose only vintage homes in which to live and they have restored two and are currently working on their third.

Her love of old homes and fascination with the historic nature of them, has fueled a longing to see the important examples (of all styles) preserved. She firmly believes our American architectural history is being razed at an alarming rate.

For this reason, Evan enjoys writing contemporary murder/mystery/suspense with unique settings: primarily centered on historic homes and mansions. One of her main characters is a historic restoration specialist whose involvement with these fabulous old places is always treacherous to her…and others around her.

Evan has also been a professional figurative painter for more than 35 years. Her focus is contemporary nudes, semi abstract and representational.

She grew up on a farm in the South and still retains a deep respect for all things southern.


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Have read all 3 books in the series straight through. I am hoping there are more books coming about Madeline, Scott and the Posse!


    1. Hi Vicki,
      I’m currently writing the third in the trilogy, another stand alone novel which will essentially wrap up the story arc of these characters. I believe they may well crop up again in other books, they’re too interesting to let go of completely *grin*. The next book will be completed sometime this summer if things go my way, so keep fingers crossed! Hope you are enjoying them!


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Mystery author E.D. Degenfelder

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